Pest Control Park Orchards

Nuisance Pests are prevalent throughout all of Melbourne's suburbs but none more so than in the leafy green wedge suburb of Park Orchards. This area is annually inundated by large swathes of general Pest and Rodent (rat) populations. Park Orchards has long been favoured by these pests who take advantage of its abundance of parklands and ever rising residential populations. Park Orchards has recently become a hotspot for real estate development and every time an older home is demolished to make way for a new set of dwellings, large numbers of rodents and other general nuisance pest species are displaced and forced to hurriedly seek new areas to shelter which increases the pressure on your home.

If you believe that you are experiencing any type of Nuisance Pest situation, call us now, we provide all facets of residential and commercial Pest control services in the Park Orchards area and our prices are advertised up front with no hidden costs.

*Our prices start at $190 to $250.00 + gst, and we offer a 12 month warranty on all of our pest treatments….our staff are happy to answer your queries.